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Getting To Know Us

The Morine Group, REALTORS, is a group of elite, independent realtors. We’re not a team, but we work in a supportive environment where collaboration is encouraged.

Dallas/Fort Worth (Headquarter)



For a flat monthly fee, you can create 100% commission, satellite, TMGR teams in Texas with full support and technical resources.

Ask about creating satellite offices that can handle 50, 75 or 100 transactions for a fee that includes E&O, compliance, back-office support and tools.

  • Enjoy the feel of opening a real-estate office without starting from scratch.
  • Expand TMGR’s market share with a license for 50, 75 or 100 transactions.
  • TMGR will install its system, so you don’t have to recreate business systems and processes to produce services.
  • TMGR has satellite spaces available in Rockwall, Round Rock, Austin, Houston, San Antonio, El Paso and other Texas markets.

Send an email to to meet with Johnnie Morine and the development staff.

Today’s agents often work remotely. Clients usually prefer to meet in an area near them instead of driving to an office, which makes coffee shops premier locations to make your client feel safe. Our business partners (Title companies and lenders) have conference rooms and spaces available across D-FW, if you need a quiet location.

  • We offer basecamp for intra-office communications, training material, office calendar and agent questions 24-7.
  • Dotloop is available for transaction management and compliance approval 24-7.
  • CINC, our lead-generating website, is available 24-7.
  • Broker Sumo, which is used for commission disbursement and year-to-date commission tracking is available 24-7.
  • We offer access to more than 600 training videos for beginners, rising stars and veteran agents.
  • We offer weekly training sessions for agents on Workshop Wednesdays.
  • We offer E&O insurance.

We believe in agent development, so we offer one-on-one coaching.

We also have weekly training sessions for agents each Wednesday from 10-noon (Workshop Wednesdays) and our agents have access to more than 600 training videos for beginners, rising stars and veteran agents.

Most agents can start in less than 48 hours if their license and board fees are current.

$425:  includes E&O. Transaction fees for residential properties under $999,999 are $425 for each side our agent represents.

$425:  Transaction fees for commercial sales/leases under $999,999 are $425 for each side our agent represents.

$300: Annual fee due on the first transaction

$150:  Transaction fees for residential leases.

$59:  Monthly fee $59.


Rising Star Monthly Flat Fee: $479.00 If you’re doing 15-20 transactions a year.

Top Producers Monthly Flat Fee: 

  • $599 If you’re projecting 21-50 Transactions a year.
  • $849.00 If you’re projecting 51-100 Transactions a year.

If Office/Team exceeds team transactions, each transaction is $100 until Dec. 31 of the current year. It resets Jan 1st).

Onboarding fee is $99. It covers all tools and applications TMGR offers in our full-service brokerage, including administrative help to setup accounts; Dotloop account, CINC lead-generating website, BrokerSumo account, filing paperwork and other applications to get you started.


Rising Star Monthly Flat Fee

  • $479.00 If you’re doing 15-20 Transactions a year.

Top Producers Monthly Flat Fee

  • $599.00 If you’re projecting 21-50 Transactions a year.
  • $849.00 If you’re projecting 51-100 Transactions a year.

If Office/Team exceeds Team Transactions, each transaction is $100 until Dec. 31 of the current calendar year. It resets Jan 1st).

Yes. Each agent has a website (, and TMGR will train you to maximize the site and get leads.


Click here to complete the Agent Assessment or Application: A recruiter will contact you within 24 hours.

Look for an E-MAIL from Broker Sumo to start the Independent Contractor Agreement.

  1. Go to the TREC website to select Brokerage.


b. Login… go to Manage my sponsorship (Sales)

c. Request Sponsorship… Only select License Type Real Estate Company (LLC or Corporate) and License # 9005530 then click search.

Business Address: The Morine Group, LLC. Address: 3901 Arlington Highlands BLVD., Suite 200,
Arlington, Tx 76018.

TREC phone number is 512-936-3000.

 2. Simultaneously you will receive your independent contractor agreement through BrokerSumo. Your signature is required within 24 hours. Pls check spam/junk folder.

3. After completing your contractor agreement, you will receive onboarding instructions from Basecamp. All official company communications will come through Basecamp. This is also where you’ll find information on our processes, trainings, marketing material and other important data to learn about our systems.

4. Orientation is held on the second Tuesday of each month by the broker. Signup as soon as you can to let James know you will be joining.



Metrotex Full Application:

Metrotex Status Change Application:


Click here: Applying to Arlington Board of Realtors


Basecamp / Docs&Files, our company intranet system accessible 24/7.

Send an email to or use Basecamp to contact Jessa Joyce or send a message on the transaction in Dotloop. Questions sent after noon may not be addressed until the following business morning.


No, but TMGR strongly encourages agents to Workshop Wednesdays (10-noon) and study our training videos to maximize their performance.

Yes. Commercial sales should be shared with broker for advice.

Contact MetroTex to purchase key access prior to scheduling a property showing. Members of ARBOR should contact ARBOR office.

Purchase or obtain at least one Supra box for listings. Supra boxes are hung on doors to secure the property’s keys. DO NOT use a less secure combination box when the homes are occupied.

Yes, if it doesn’t have an executed contract.

a. You will need to fill out a Listing Transfer Form from the board association.

b. Fill in your old brokerage office.

c. Sign it.

d. Send to your old broker for signature.

e. TMGR will sign then send to our board to transfer listings.

** If a listing is in escrow it must stay at the current broker.



Logos and Images are found in Basecamp.

The Morine Group Market Center

o Business Cards

o Name Badges

o Note Cards

o Rider signs

o Car Magnets

o Pens, Letterheads and other swag

Sign Options:

Online: Oakley Signs

Local Options:

First Graphics Services (972) 494-6199 * 229 Garvon St., Garland, TX 75040

Sign Solution (817) 295-6004* 812 SW Wilshire Blvd., Burleson, Tx 76028


Yes. In order to join The Morine Group, REALTORS, you must be a member of one of our board associations.

Yes. A mentor is assigned to an agent for the each of the agent’s first four transactions.

Mentors assist with:

  • Understanding TMGR’s systems and applications.
  • Understanding contracts and comps.
  • Working with clients.
  • Utilizing company resources.
  • Writing and approving offers and contracts.
  • Introducing new agents to preferred vendors.

Mentors may or may not provide coaching, motivation or leads. A mentor’s value typically starts once the agent gets a client.

We expect each agent to complete at least one transaction per calendar year.

Periodically, an agent gets a lead from the company. The company split for a company lead is 70/30 and 60/40 depending on the lead source.

We prefer to teach our agents how to generate their own leads through our lead generation website. They receive a 100% commission minus a transaction fee for those leads.

Several affordable healthcare plans available for agents to choose.

We recommend realtors have a minimum budget of $500 per month. A Realtor is an independent contractor, who operates and manages their own business. TMGR provides several free tools, but other commitments and disciplines must be used to launch and sustain a thriving real-estate career.

One sale will cover several months of marketing and branding.

In 2017, 53% of real-estate professionals spent less than $5,000 on marketing. About 12 percent of real-estate professionals spent more than $20,000 on marketing, but the top 3% of real-estate professions spent more than $80,000 on their marketing.


Our preferred lender is:

Melissa Condensa
Producing Branch Manager
2801 Network Blvd, Suite 810
Frisco, TX  75034
O: 972-629-7683 | M: 214-535-6738 | F:  972-769-5766
NMLS #1149324| Company NMLS #3274

A complete list of preferred vendors are posted in Basecamp and Facebook Group Page.

GoDaddy charges an annual fee for a company e-mail address. We suggest realtors use a g-mail address.

Rack up the credits and truly gain 100% from your closings – Referring agent will receive one credit after the first transaction the referred agent completes.

Simply share and tell your referral to mention your name.

Agent Onboarding Binder

Want To Join Our Elite Group?

Contact us here to schedule your appointment.
Location: 3901 Arlington Highlands Blvd, #200, Arlington, Tx 76018

If not licensed yet, use 000000.